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The global startup ecosystem has seen a rapid rise in the past few years and the boom is expected to continue. Today, there are 1,068 billion-dollar startups or Unicorns in the world today. On the home front too, the situation is highly promising. May 2022 marked a landmark milestone for India touching 100 Unicorns. As the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world and the sixth largest economy, India’s growth over the past two years in the startup space has been phenomenal, to say the least. From a Unicorn lens, 44 startups in India gained the Unicorn status.  

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The next 2-3 years are likely to see a rapid increase with a key focus on deep tech expertise focusing on its applications along diverse sectors including education, healthcare, agriculture, etc. This period will see a growth in the partnerships between startups, corporates and the public sector with the former bringing in breakthrough innovations and the latter providing a multitude of support, resources and infrastructure.Undoubtedly, the startup ecosystem is flourishing and booming at an exponential rate. However, the challenge of sustainability is also now bigger than ever. While we are adding new startups to the Unicorn club, their profitability and ability to scale is still in question. Fortunately, if startups can identify and address key challenges preemptively, especially around their GTM strategy, chances for scale and success grow manifold.
Here, a market activation catalyst like StrategINK can help startups change the game.StrategINK: Catalyzing market activation for startups

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