2023: Year in Review

While entering the new year, it is only fair to reflect on the past year gone by. 2023 was undoubtedly a remarkable year, both from a global and national lens. Characterized by a combination of monumental landmarks as well as moments that pushed us to pause and reflect, the year took the world for a rollercoaster ride.

The year started with the excitement and curiosity bubbling up around ChatGPT and the unparalleled potential unleashed with generative AI. In just a couple of months, ChatGPT touched the 100 million active users mark and left people completely aghast with its capability to pass several graduate-level exams. However, with the unleashed potential of generative AI, came along challenges of cyber security, biases, privacy, deep fakes and the year saw several new opportunities and pitfalls surfacing time and again in AI.

Particularly for our country, the year was truly momentous. The second quarter saw India surpassing China as the most populous country, with a silver lining as a sizable fraction of the population falls under the working demographic dividend. Our age composition is also ripe to facilitate an increase in the production as well as consumption spectrum, signaling a promising picture for the country’s economic development. Invariably, the right policies, a major push towards job creation, health and education infrastructure are all critical components to unlock the population’s potential.

Pacing ahead, the second half of the year started with India making yet another mark on the global map for itself with the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3. Becoming the first country to accomplish a soft landing on the Moon’s south pole, India’s name got carved in history. What truly stood out was not just the accomplishment but how it was achieved in a fraction of the global average investment on similar projects, reflecting on the frugality of our indigenous approach towards interplanetary travel.

2023 was also the year of India’s G20 Presidency. Set in the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war, economic uncertainty and overall geo-political unrest, India’s presidency stood out for its ability to manage consensus among global leaders, despite disagreements. Hailed as a diplomatic win for India, the New Delhi G20 Summit laid the foundation for global cooperation and set the stage for multilateral reforms. Invariably, India’s G20 Presidency took our nation a step further towards becoming a voice of influence, globally.

On the policy front as well, countries across the globe made strides, especially concerning the responsible use of technology, stirred by privacy concerns from generative AI. Be it the AI Act signed by the European Parliament or the Digital Personal Data Protection Act in India, all signaled the interweaving of ethics, sustainability and accessibility into the tech fabric.

Undoubtedly, the earthquakes in Turkey, the ongoing geopolitical unrest, and the continued economic uncertainty have been trailing throughout the year. However, people coming together, echoing shared voices against brutality and a sliver of faith for a peaceful 2024 is what we can hope for the year that stands in front of us.

Prateek Tokas
Prateek Tokas
CXO Digital Pulse

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