Aether Industries appoints Dr. James W. Ringer as CTO

Aether Industries Limited has officially appointed Dr. James (Jim) W. Ringer as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective March 1, 2024. Dr. Ringer has been an integral part of Aether for the past three years, serving as the Business Development/Technology Leader for the Americas region. Prior to his tenure at Aether, Dr. Ringer amassed over three decades of experience in research and development at the Dow Chemical Company in the USA.

His journey with Dow began in 1988, focusing on process development for new products at Dow AgroSciences until 2001. He then assumed various leadership roles, including New Products Development Leader, Process Sciences Leader, Senior Technical Leader for Process Sciences, and Director of Process Chemistry & Development. From 2011 to 2018, Dr. Ringer served as the Director of Engineering & Process Science for Dow’s Core R&D organization, overseeing the development and implementation of technology across diverse business sectors such as electronics, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, polymers, specialty chemicals, and hydrocarbon feedstocks.

Under his leadership, his teams delivered exceptional results, yielding a significant return on R&D investment exceeding $100 million annually, with a remarkable tenfold increase. Following the Dow-DuPont merger and subsequent spinoff, Dr. Ringer assumed the role of Process Development and BioProcessing & BioEngineering Leader for Corteva AgriScience. He holds credit as a co-inventor on 22 US patents granted globally.


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