AI Startup of Data Transformation and Analytics, ‘Datachamps’, Closed Seed Funding of $500k from Windrose Capital, Other Investors.

Datachamps, headquartered in Nashik, has raised its Seed funding Round of 500k, with participation from Windrose Capital and other. Founded in 2021, Startup revolutionizing business intelligence with its AI-driven data-to-decision workflows. The startup specializes in delivering workflows that transform data into actionable decisions, serving the needs of executives and founders by providing structured and insightful data solutions.

Datachamps plans to use the fresh capital primarily to enhance its tech development and accelerate sales and marketing efforts. With Targeting the 75% Overseas Business in next 3 years, It is also looking to further expand its international outreach especially in Singapore and the US. The founders are also aiming to create over 100 AI-enabled Impact Dashboards in the coming months. This fundraise is poised to be instrumental in building traction for Datachamps as it continues to innovate and expand its reach in the AI workflow landscape.

Company providing workflows that transform raw data into strategic decisions,benefiting founders, COOs, and CEOs. With curated data integrations, dynamicdashboards, and industry-specific KPIs, has seen over 2x revenue growth in FY24.It is helping corporations increase their cash flow and maximize profits by leveraging digital transformation for finance functions. By implementing advanced technologies and data-driven strategies, the company enables cost optimization and more efficient financial operations, driving significant improvements in overall business performance. Datachamp is the brainchild of co-founders Ashutosh and Chatan, Both hailing from a CA background and having previously served together at Morgan Stanley.

To minimize the decision making time and to enhance the efficiency, Datachamps has on boarded more than 40 clients including Kotak Mahindra Bank, Nivea, SIDBI India Mitsubishi Electric and infinix etc. “Rohit Goyal, Managing Partner at the investment firm, highlighted the founders” confidence in Datachamps “ process structure and vision. He pointed to the established tech and innovative strategies demonstrated by the founding team, as well as the quality outcome data. Rohit emphasized the consistent excellence shown by the Datachamps founders throughout their careers, asserting their capability to drive impactful growth and innovation in the industry.”


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