ATEN Embraces Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility through Innovative Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System

ATEN built a solar photovoltaic power generation system with a 334.8 KWp capacity at its Thailand factory to reduce carbon emissions.

ATEN Advance, the leading provider of KVM and AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, today announces that it has completed a solar photovoltaic power generation system with a 334.8 KWp capacity at its Thailand factory. This bold endeavor propels ATEN to strive toward achieving net-zero carbon emissions globally by 2050, emphasizing a unified, worldwide effort and underscoring its firm commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, ATEN has completed the greenhouse gas inventory for all subsidiaries within the ATEN Group this year, marking a new starting point in their journey towards environmental sustainability.

As the urgency of the climate change crisis deepens, ATEN is committed to corporate social responsibility and is taking substantive action. The company has set sights on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and has fully devoted resources towards substantial carbon reduction initiatives. In the shorter term, ATEN plans to reduce carbon emissions by 50% at its Taiwan headquarters and Xizhi production base by 2030.

These ambitious goals have been outlined in a series of precise action plans, one of which includes a substantial investment in energy conservation and renewable energy solutions. In 2021, ATEN marked a significant milestone by implementing a solar photovoltaic power generation system in its Thailand factory. The system, with a capacity of 334.8 KWp, began mass production in 2021 and entered trial operation in November 2022. Further demonstrating its commitment, ATEN also built a solar photovoltaic power generation system with a capacity of 170 KWp at its Xizhi factory headquarters. The system was officially operational by the end of the year, marking a substantial step towards ATEN’s sustainability goals. 

ATEN is resolutely committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility to reduce carbon emissions,” said ATEN. “In essence, we’re not just making strides towards a greener operation – we’re passionately influencing our employees and supply-chain partners to embrace and champion a greener lifestyle. Together, we’re paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.”

Moreover, ATEN, holding complete ISO certifications including 9001, 14001, 27001, and 45001, is now focusing on obtaining ISO 14067 for Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV), to align with modern sustainability standards. Beyond certifications, ATEN is dedicated to helping people and partners achieve their sustainability goals by providing innovative solutions. This commitment is reflected in our support for environmental initiatives and in integrating energy conservation and carbon reduction into our daily operations, nurturing a culture of environmental responsibility.

For more information about ATEN’s ESG commitment, please visit ATEN ESG report:

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