KonProz Appoints Rajat Dhariwal as the new Chief Technology Officer

KonProz, a company utilizing Generative AI for the legal industry, has appointed Rajat Dhariwal as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With over two decades of experience in artificial intelligence, Dhariwal brings a wealth of expertise to the role.

In his new capacity, Rajat will lead the company’s technology strategy and implementation, overseeing all aspects of product development, engineering, and data science. “His leadership is anticipated to propel KonProz’s mission to transform how legal and accounting professionals work on a global scale,” the company stated in a release.

Reflecting on his new position, Dhariwal remarked, “KonProz presents one of the most compelling challenges in Generative AI that I’ve encountered—a much-needed solution for an industry ripe for innovation. With Generative AI, we have the chance to disrupt a foundational aspect of society that has largely remained untouched by technological progress.

Piyush Chopra and Shiladitya Dash, Co-founders of KonProz, expressed their confidence in Rajat’s ability to foster innovation within the company. “Rajat’s appointment signifies an exciting milestone for KonProz. Under his guidance, we are positioned to lead advancements that will redefine how professionals in the legal and accounting sectors operate globally,” the Founders remarked.

Dhariwal holds a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay and a Master’s from Carnegie Mellon University, specializing in AI. Prior to his current role, he held positions at Amazon Inc.’s Seattle headquarters.

Previously, he founded and led SuperSuit, a company that developed the world’s first wearable gaming platform. Additionally, he has held leadership roles at Masai School and PurpleTutor.


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