Shiva Krishnamurthy to take over as the Executive Director of Food and Refreshments at HUL

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has unveiled significant appointments within its management committee. Shiva Krishnamurthy is set to become a member of the HUL management committee in the role of Executive Director for Food and Refreshments. Meanwhile, Srinandan Sundaram, presently serving as Executive Director, will transition to the role of Executive Director for Homecare at HUL. Concurrently, Deepak Subramanian, the Executive Director of Homecare at HUL, will be assuming a new position abroad. These changes are slated to take effect on April 1, 2024.

According to the announcement, Shiva Krishnamurthy, who joined HUL in 2000, has amassed over two decades of experience, particularly in marketing. Throughout his tenure, he has spearheaded various initiatives, including Lifebuoy and Lux in skin cleansing in India, driving Radiant (Rin) innovation for Homecare in South East Asia, and overseeing South Asia’s Tea business since 2015. Under his guidance, the team has focused on localizing the product mix and fostering an innovation pipeline, earning recognition with industry awards both domestically and internationally.

In his current role as executive director for Foods and Refreshment, Srinandan has successfully steered the Tea business to maintain its market position and achieved competitive growth in the Health Foods Drink segment, which has been fully integrated into HUL during his tenure. He has also laid the groundwork for expanding the food business across existing and new categories while advancing HUL’s initiatives on ‘Regenerative Agriculture and Nutritional value’.

Deepak has led the fabric care and home & hygiene categories at HUL to deliver impressive top-line and bottom-line results, driving robust growth. Additionally, he has championed the sustainability agenda, playing a pivotal role in crafting an integrated ESG strategy for the company.

Kartik Chandrasekhar, who was previously slated to join HUL as Executive Director for personal care on April 1, has opted to pursue other opportunities outside of Unilever. The appointment for executive director for personal care at HUL will be announced in due course. Meanwhile, Madhusudhan Rao, currently serving as Executive Director for BPC at HUL, will continue to oversee the business on an interim basis.

Rohit Jawa, CEO and MD, HUL said, “I am glad to welcome him to the HUL Leadership team and truly believe that his rich experience in Foods and Beverages will be of immense help to the business. Srinandan has been a part of the HUL leadership for over seven years and has a strong track record in general management, customer development, and marketing. I am sure he will take the Homecare business to new heights.”

Thanking Deepak for his contribution, Rohit added, “Deepak returned to HUL in 2022 and since then has delivered consistent results in Homecare. Under his leadership, Surf excel crossed the USD 1 billion milestone. I wish him the very best for his next endeavour.”

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