Strategizing Data Privacy in 2024

Ashish Khanna
Global CISO, Evalueserve

With the growing volume of data and associated cyber threats, this year organizations are expected to prioritize and strategize data privacy by implementing robust encryption measures, focusing on regular security audits, and ensuring compliance with evolving data protection regulations. Additionally, with the advent of Artificial intelligence, privacy by design principles is increasingly getting integrated within organizations during product development processes to prioritize user data protection.

Data Privacy Priorities for 2024

In 2024, data privacy priorities include a heightened emphasis –

  • on user consent and transparency,
  • strict compliance with global privacy regulations,
  • continuous monitoring for potential breaches,
  • implementation of advanced encryption techniques, and
  • a strong focus on secure data handling throughout the entire lifecycle.

Organizations are also increasingly recognizing the importance of prioritizing user education to enhance awareness and understanding of data privacy issues.

Data Privacy in the Era of Big Data & AI

In today’s era of big data and AI, privacy considerations involve carefully navigating between fostering innovation and protecting individual rights. Advanced techniques such as federated learning allow training the model without centralizing sensitive data, thereby enhancing privacy protection. Continuous monitoring, ethical AI guidelines, and user education are integral components of addressing privacy challenges in the dynamic landscape of big data and AI. These components are integral in ensuring a responsible and privacy-conscious approach to technological advancements.

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