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The CEO Mindset – 7 Steps to Digitize your Business

Digitization is a global trend that has the potential to drive essential shifts in how firms and enterprises operate, moreover how value is delivered...

Demystifying & Strategizing Data Monetization

Data has taken the center stage by storm in the midst of major transformations & disruptions that have reshaped several Industry verticals in the...

Sustaining Customer Experience as a Boardroom Agenda for 2023

Pandemic brought Customer Experience Management (CXM) as a serious topic of discussion to the boardrooms and ensured reactive strategy planning. In no time, customer...

Indonesia 4.0: The Rise of Digital Manufacturing

The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 has been a key area of investment and interest for countries across the globe. Invariably, ASEAN countries...

Demonstrating Business Value of IT initiatives: Rethinking for 2023

The last few years have witnessed that technology and IT interventions are rapidly moving from the peripheries to the core for almost all businesses....

Accelerating Connectivity JENDELA: Malaysia’s National Digital Network

Connectivity and digital networks have become the top priorities for most countries as the world is increasingly moving online to engage, transact, and for...

Marketing during economic slowdown in 2023: Strategies and tips

Global uncertainty, economic slowdown and other socio-political factors will be accompanying businesses as they enter the new year. According to the IMF, the global...

Technology, Digital Transformation and Industry Use Cases

“Digital Transformation” is the most used set of words today in any organization or industry. Over the years there have been multiple terminologies used...

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