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The Rise of Generative AI: Unlocking a World of Endless Possibilities

From creating realistic-looking faces to composing music, generative AI has shown tremendous potential in transforming the creative industries. Essentially, generative AI involves using neural...

Stop worrying about your customers – Let self-service portals take the wheel

Was there a time when you had to wait in lines at restaurants to order food? That is fast changing as self-service becomes more...

Banking in the Cloud: A CIOs Perspective on Adoption, Security and Financial Prudence

According to the Vision 2023 Report on Digital Acceleration Insights for Asia Pacific by StrategINK, over 82% professionals in the BFSI industry believe that...

Making Global Financial Transactions Seamless: India’s Key Steps

As a part of its financial transformation and inclusion efforts, the Indian government has been adopting a variety of new practices. Along with these...

Harnessing Digital Transformation for Fintech Success

Digital transformation has emerged as a pivotal force shaping the financial technology (fintech) industry. As a Regional Head of IT in a leading restructuring...

Reverse Flipping in 2023: What’s persuading startups to shift domicile to India?

Startups in India have been creating immense value for the Indian economy. As per the Economic Survey 2022-23, “India ranks amongst the largest startup...

Preserving the Past and Securing the Future: Legacy Data Management with a Data-Driven Approach

As businesses evolve, so do their data systems and storage technologies. The changing technology landscape has made it increasingly challenging for organizations to manage...

Digital Evolution, Mutation, or Transformation in a hyper-accelerated world

We all understand the feverish pace, global reach, and massive scope of the current Digital Economy and the post-pandemic acceleration that we are witnessing....

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