Acko appoints Mallesh Bommanahal as Chief Data Scientist

Acko appoints Mallesh Bommanahal as Chief Data Scientist

Acko, an insurance provider, has recently announced the appointment of Mallesh Bommanahal as its Chief Data Scientist. He will lead the company’s initiatives in data science, focusing on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to develop technologies centered around customer needs.

In this new capacity, Bommanahal is set to enhance Acko’s use of AI, aiming to revolutionize the insurance customer experience. His expertise in data science is anticipated to be pivotal in advancing the company’s technology-driven approach to insurance solutions, as stated by the company.
Commenting on the appointment, Vishwanath Ramarao, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Acko, said, “Mallesh’s deep understanding of artificial intelligence and his proven track record of delivering innovation, align seamlessly with Acko’s commitment to technological excellence.”

Bommanahal’s extensive background, especially in the insurance and healthcare industries, adds significant value to his role. He is the founder of, renowned for its cutting-edge AI applications in insurance underwriting and claims processing, thus marking his footprint as an AI innovator in India.

With a rich 16-year career, Bommanahal is dedicated to harnessing his knowledge in AI to improve customer service, refine risk models, and streamline process automation. His approach is in line with Acko’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the direct-to-consumer insurance market.

He holds a Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering, with a specialization in mathematical modeling of aircraft and UAVs based on experimental data. Bommanahal is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, where he led groundbreaking projects, including student satellite development and advanced toilet-flushing systems.

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