INOXGFL Group Welcomes Akhil Jindal as New Group CFO

INOXGFL Group Welcomes Akhil Jindal as New Group CFO

INOXGFL Group, a prominent player in the renewable energy and chemicals sector, has recently announced the appointment of Akhil Jindal as its new Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The announcement, made in a regulatory filing by Inox Wind, marks a significant addition to the group’s leadership team.

Jindal, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, holds an engineering degree and an MBA. He brings to the table over three decades of diverse experience spanning engineering, corporate finance, banking, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations.

His career trajectory includes notable stints with several major business conglomerates. Before joining INOXGFL Group, Jindal was a pivotal part of the team at Welspun. His tenure at S. Kumars was marked by his leadership in a 400 MW Hydro Project in Madhya Pradesh and his involvement in high-profile acquisitions, including Reid & Tailor and Iwerks in Hollywood, USA. Additionally, Jindal has also contributed significantly to the Essar Group, where he managed finance and led a 330 MW combined cycle power project in Madhya Pradesh.

Jindal’s appointment, effective from January 17, is a strategic move by the Noida-based INOXGFL Group. It underscores the group’s commitment to bolstering its financial leadership and management, aligning with its goals for continued growth and performance enhancement.

With his extensive background and experience in various industry sectors, Jindal is poised to make a substantial impact on INOXGFL Group’s financial strategies, supporting its expansive presence in the dynamic fields of renewable energy and chemicals. His appointment is a testament to the group’s dedication to fostering strong leadership and vision as it navigates the evolving business landscape.

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