AI will not replace humans any time soon, Chief AI Scientist at Meta tells WGS 2024

During the second day of the World Governments Summit (WGS) 2024, Dr. Yann LeCun, a Turing Award Laureate and the Vice President and Chief AI Scientist at Meta, expressed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unlikely to replace humans in managing, analyzing, and leading socio-economic activities across different business sectors in the near future.

Speaking in a plenary session titled ‘Will AI Lead Us to Our End?’, moderated by Bloomberg’s Nate Lanxon, LeCun emphasized that AI experts and scientists still require significant time to develop technical configurations that match the capabilities of the human mind.

He highlighted that the current cognitive abilities of AI are less sophisticated compared to those of cats and dogs, indicating that it has a long way to go before reaching human-level cognition and intelligence.

LeCun further explained that AI systems lack the administrative and planning capabilities inherent in the human mind, as well as the speed and temporal accuracy required to analyze and manage complex issues. These attributes, he noted, are crucial components in fostering a scientific, critical, and analytical mindset, and are still largely absent from the technological realm.

Discussing the potential of the ongoing technological revolution, LeCun acknowledged both its opportunities and risks, emphasizing the possibility of genuine existential threats that could lead to severe global consequences, particularly with the rapid advancement of AI systems.

He emphasized the necessity of developing safer and more effective AI systems for their pivotal role in establishing the infrastructure for communication networks and the Internet, which are integral to managing various aspects of human life and business.

LeCun underscored the importance of producing AI systems with the highest levels of security and effectiveness, as they are involved in operating, developing, and enhancing the efficiency of commonly used devices worldwide, such as phones, laptops, and various modes of transportation.


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