Air India’s Journey with Cloud

Air India’s Journey with Cloud

Air India’s recent move to a cloud-only IT infrastructure marks a significant strategic shift in the aviation industry. This transition offers a range of benefits, including enhanced technological agility and scalability, which are crucial for adapting to the rapidly changing demands of the airline sector. By migrating all computational workloads to the cloud, Air India positions itself at the forefront of digital transformation, promising not only improved operational efficiencies but also the ability to quickly roll out new digital innovations and applications. This is expected to enhance both customer and employee experiences significantly.

Financially, the closure of physical data centers in Mumbai and New Delhi is projected to result in net savings of nearly a million dollars every year. This cost-saving aspect is particularly relevant as it counters the trend of cloud repatriation, where businesses move their operations back from the cloud to on-premises due to escalating costs and complex billing models. Air India’s anticipated savings suggest a well-strategized approach to cloud adoption, focusing on long-term financial benefits.

However, this decision isn’t without its challenges. Dependency on cloud services introduces concerns about data security and privacy, especially given the sensitive nature of airline operations and customer information. Additionally, managing and optimizing cloud resources can be complex, requiring specialized skills and constant vigilance to avoid cost overruns. These challenges are significant, considering that some enterprises have started repatriating from the cloud due to these very issues.

While Air India’s move to a cloud-only infrastructure aligns with modern technological trends and promises considerable benefits, it also comes with its set of challenges. The airline’s ability to manage these effectively will determine the ultimate success of this transition. As the industry watches, Air India’s journey will provide valuable insights into the benefits and pitfalls of cloud adoption at such a large scale.

Prateek Tokas
Prateek Tokas
Chief Knowledge Officer

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