Burger Singh website hacked by Pakistani Group

In a surprising twist of events, Burger Singh, a popular fast-food chain, disclosed on Tuesday that it had fallen victim to a cyberattack orchestrated by a Pakistani hacking group known as Team Insane PK.

According to a post on the company’s X platform, the group not only infiltrated but also revamped Burger Singh’s website on February 27, 2024, leaving behind a digital graffiti wall reflecting their playful exploits.

In a light-hearted advisory directed at their loyal customers, Burger Singh acknowledged the digital breach with a touch of humor. The message revealed that the hackers, who had previously engaged in digital activities with authorities such as the Delhi Police and Mumbai Police, had singled out Burger Singh’s online platform for their attention.

The cyber saga originated from a promotional misstep by Burger Singh, involving a promo code – “FPAK20” – with geopolitical implications. This unintended move sparked unexpected interest from hackers, who transformed Burger Singh’s website into their canvas for digital artwork.

Burger Singh’s response to the cyber intrusion was notably unconventional. Rather than immediately removing the digital graffiti, the company opted to leave it up for a day, treating it as an “open mic night for hackers.” This approach, according to Burger Singh, highlights the unexpected places where inspiration can emerge.

Despite the setback, Burger Singh expressed confidence in their ability to overcome it, assuring patrons that the disruption was temporary. Maintaining a positive outlook, Burger Singh playfully hinted at focusing on creating the next big thing to elevate their brand.

The advisory concluded with a reassuring message to Burger Singh’s beloved patrons: “Keep calm and carry on. Our digital hiccup is just that – a hiccup. Our journey is filled with more ups than downs, more burgers than breaches, and certainly, more laughs than worries.”


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