Chimp&z Inc Acquires Yellophant Digital to Foray into AI-led Marketing

As part of the acquisition, Yellophant Digital has rebranded to 'Yellophant', becoming an integral part of Chimp&z Inc's portfolio.

As part of the acquisition, Yellophant Digital has rebranded to ‘Yellophant’, becoming an integral part of Chimp&z Inc’s portfolio.

2nd May 2024, Mumbai: Mumbai-based ROI-focused agency Yellophant Digital, started by Preksha Sheth, Angad Singh Manchanda, & Lavinn Rajpal in 2020 to cater to startups and SMEs, has officially been acquired by the independent global advertising agency Chimp&z Inc. As a way forward, Preksha Sheth has exited the agency’s management, giving Chimp&z Inc a hold of the company. This acquisition marks a milestone in Yellophant’s young journey, and Chimp&z Inc aims to expand its service offerings to MSME brands, startups, & emerging brands in the Indian ecosystem with this venture. Yellophant Digital is eager to introduce its new team and rebrand as ‘Yellophant’, bringing fresh AI-driven affordable solutions for young brands in the Indian subcontinent. Together, Chimp&z Inc and Yellophant aim to lead AI-integrated marketing solutions to cater to budgeted clients efficiently. These solutions encompass artificial intelligence, data tracking on social media, content creation using generative AI, films, corporate AVs, and animated short videos, which will help marketers find a niche and top-quality design language. These solutions help improve efficiency and error reduction, provide easier customization, and increase campaign ROI for better results.

With its operations continuing from its Mumbai headquarters, Yellophant’s team of 20+ professionals will now work with the employees of Chimp&z Inc thus strengthening their global deliveries. Yellophant’s proven success in collaborations with brands such as Tata Starbucks, Siyaram’s, Complan Nutrigro, Cadini, Klenvor, Kiddoze, Oxemberg, Edmingle, 1Rivet, CarBoli, mySmilist, Beleaf Organics, Mezaya, ExpertMFD, and others showcases a compelling fusion of experience and innovation in their collective journey.

Commenting on the recent acquisition, Co-founders Angad Singh Manchanda and Lavinn Rajpal commented, “With this acquisition, we aim to remodel Yellophant into a future-proof agency with new-age digital solutions. Our commitment to innovation propels Chimp&z Inc’s global network to new heights. This growth will help us accommodate the new developments in the industry. Marketing is soon going to be about how smart your channels are rather than how many channels you use for marketing, this change is going to be led by artificial intelligence, & with this venture, we aim to do that by delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to our clients.”

About Yellophant: Yellophant is an ROI-driven digital agency catering to growing brands in India and distinguishing itself through a pragmatic mission in the marketing industry. Offering tailored solutions, the agency employs dynamic creative strategies and data-driven insights to foster clients’ growth in the digital space. Committed to delivering measurable results, Yellophant takes a client-focused approach, navigating the unique challenges of the evolving landscape. Beyond its technical prowess, Yellophant, symbolized by the vibrancy of yellow and inspired by the wisdom of elephants, stands as a pivotal member of the Merge Infinity Network. The agency envisions revolutionizing the digital realm, providing brands with tailored solutions and dynamic AI-driven strategies to redefine possibilities in the industry.


About Chimp&z Inc: Chimp&z Inc, an award-winning digital-first advertising & marketing agency, a subsidiary of Merge Infinity Global Network, was founded by entrepreneurs, Angad Singh Manchanda and Lavinn Rajpal in 2013. It houses over 200+ Chimps who “Think Like An MNC, Work Like A Startup” in the vast digital jungle. Operational in Mumbai, Gurugram, New Jersey and Toronto, the agency’s expertise lies in Digital Integration (Digital & Creative Strategy, Social Media, Branding, Web UI & UX, E-commerce), Performance (Media Planning and Buying, Performance Marketing, Marketplace Management, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing), Chimpfluenz (Digital PR, Influencer Marketing, Online Reputation Management & Strategy), and Ad Film Production. Chimp&z Inc has built phenomenal chronicles with brands like Tata Motors, PayU, UniScholars, Warner Media, UNICEF, Discovery Communications, Zee5, UpGrad, TOI, Tata Play, DHL, Mondelez International, Tata Steel Foundation, Fancode, WhiteHat Jr., Portronics, MG Motors, The Derma Co., and many more!


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