Delhi based Start Up’s device is enabling students to learn without the internet or a smartphone

In a bid to bridge the digital education gap in rural India, SunoKitaab, an emerging edtech startup founded in the villages of Rajasthan in 2019 by Ajay Vishwakarma and Tanu Aggarwal, has been making waves. SunoKitaab is redefining the landscape of digital learning with its innovative device called the ‘Vidya Box.’

The ‘Vidya Box’ serves as a game-changer, allowing students to access educational content without the need for the internet or a smartphone. Instead, it relies on audio content, ranging from lessons to stories, meticulously crafted with music and sound effects to enhance engagement.

What sets the ‘Vidya Box’ apart is its adaptability. Even in areas where internet access is scarce, the device can be updated with new lessons through a dedicated app. This feature ensures that students always have access to the latest educational materials, irrespective of connectivity challenges.

The inception of SunoKitaab stemmed from the founders’ realization of the educational hurdles faced by students in rural areas, where a lack of teachers and digital infrastructure often impedes learning. Leveraging their background in audio content creation, Vishwakarma and Aggarwal saw an opportunity to cater to auditory learners and address the pressing need for accessible educational resources.

SunoKitaab has forged partnerships with over 150 educators to curate more than 10,000 hours of audio lessons covering the school syllabus. This collaborative effort has not only democratized education but has also made learning engaging and immersive for students in regions where conventional schooling encounters obstacles.

As SunoKitaab continues to expand its reach and impact, it signifies a beacon of hope for transforming education in underserved communities, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.


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