India’s Visionary Push for Sustainable Energy – Prime Minister Modi Advocates Global Biofuel Alliance Amidst Broader Green Initiatives

India’s recommendation for a G20 collective effort focused on biofuels can propel the use of environment-friendly fuels, aiding the global transition towards cleaner energy, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The suggested biofuels coalition, advocated by India during its G20 leadership tenure, resembles the International Solar Alliance (ISA), a joint venture of New Delhi and Paris from 2015, designed to democratize clean solar energy access.

Prime Minister Modi believes that such coalitions around biofuels can provide developing nations with alternative pathways to expedite their green energy shifts.

” Biofuels are also important from the perspective of a circular economy. Markets, trade, technology, and policy – all aspects of international cooperation are crucial in creating such opportunities,” he emphasized.

Biofuel, a green energy derived from organic matter, is pivotal for India, a country that relies on imports for over 85% of its crude oil. The nation is making strides in deriving energy from sources like crop residues, organic waste, and urban refuse.

” Such alternatives can enhance energy security, create opportunities for domestic industry, and create green jobs – all crucial elements in ensuring a transition that leaves no one behind,” asserted Modi.

India is on track to increase its blending of sugarcane and agricultural waste-derived ethanol with gasoline to 20% by 2025 and is also establishing numerous compressed biogas facilities.

The coalition seeks to promote global collaboration, boosting the adoption of sustainable biofuels, especially in transport. Its core objectives include bolstering global biofuel markets, simplifying international biofuel trade, sharing effective policy lessons, and providing technical assistance to global biofuel endeavors.

This initiative aligns with India’s efforts to transition to alternative energy sources and reduce import expenditure as the country aims for carbon neutrality by 2070.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the interconnected nature of global challenges, stating that the world’s resilience is amplified when individual countries strengthen their capabilities. A stronger global bond can withstand challenges by leveraging collective strengths and advocating for international collaborations.
Emphasizing the collective duty of safeguarding the earth for posterity, Modi pointed out India’s significant strides in climate initiatives, including the exponential growth in solar energy capacity and being a front-runner in wind energy.

India’s proactive stance against disposable plastics has gained international recognition, and its contributions to sanitation and hygiene have been notable.

India has evolved from a mere participant in global ventures to taking the helm in many. Endeavors like the ISA and Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure are uniting nations for a sustainable future. The overwhelming reception to ISA, with over 100 nations participating, is a testament observed by all.

The Mission LiFE initiative underscores environment-centric lifestyles. The ISA’s objective is to secure investments exceeding USD 1000 billion by 2030 for large-scale solar energy rollouts.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipates a threefold increase in global biofuel production by 2030 to align with the net zero emission goals for 2050. As of 2022, liquid biofuels constituted over four per cent of the global transport energy supply.

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