Key Product Launches at RSA Conference 2024

Key Product Launches at RSA Conference 2024

The RSA Conference 2024, a global cybersecurity summit, kicked off in San Francisco earlier last week.  The conference was scheduled from May 6 to 9, 2024, and was attended by thousands of security leaders from around the world. The conference theme for this year was “The Art of Possible”. The RSA Conference saw several companies showcasing their products and services and industry discussions on emerging cybersecurity threats. There were new product launches in areas such as SASE (secure access service edge), threat intelligence, security operations, application security, email security, and identity security.

The new product launched at the RSA Conference 2024 showcased significant advancements in cybersecurity, emphasizing the integration of AI and machine learning to bolster security operations. Key trends included:

  • AI-Driven Security: Many new products leverage AI to improve threat detection, response, and overall security posture. AI is being used to predict breaches, assess vulnerabilities, and automate responses, enabling organizations to stay ahead of cyber threats.
  • Cloud-Native Solutions: As cloud adoption grows, so does the need for robust cloud security solutions. Innovations like SentinelOne’s Singularity™ and RAD Security’s behavioral detection cater specifically to cloud-native environments.
  • Comprehensive Risk Management: Tools like Arctic Wolf’s Cyber Resilience Assessment and Cloudflare’s Unified Risk Posture highlight the trend towards comprehensive risk management, providing visibility and mitigation across diverse environments.
  • Enhanced Threat Intelligence: Products from Google and OpenText emphasize the importance of deep threat intelligence, integrating insights from various sources to provide unparalleled visibility and protection.
  • Identity and Access Management: Platforms like Saviynt’s Identity Cloud showcase advancements in securing identities and access, essential for safeguarding applications and improving operational efficiency.

Let us have a look at some new products and services launched at RSA Conference 2024.

Arctic Wolf Cyber Resilience Assessment- Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf announced the launch of an advanced risk assessment tool, the Arctic Wolf Cyber Resilience Assessment. This tool is designed to help businesses of all sizes map their security posture against industry-standard frameworks including NIST CSF 1.1, 2.0, and CIS Critical Security Controls v8. This aids in improving insurability and enhances cyber resilience for businesses. The tool also includes an integrated cyber insurance rating that can be used at the time of insurance renewals to negotiate better rates. The cyber resilience assessment tool can also outline the areas of risks and prioritize them for mitigation as per the industry standard framework.

Precision AI™- Palo Alto

Palo Alto Network introduced new security offerings integrated with Precision AI™. This new innovation is designed to help businesses stop AI-generated attacks.his system combines machine learning, deep learning, and generative AI to provide real-time security and safety. Precision AI has been incorporated into Palo Alto Networks’ platforms, including, Strata™, Prisma®, and Cortex®. TNikesh Arora, chairman and CEO, Palo Alto Networks said “Platformization is the approach needed, and integrated solutions that can both protect and enable AI are integral to achieving results. Precision AI by Palo Alto Networks is the game changer that will create a new paradigm in security — perhaps for the first time — where the defender is ahead of the adversary.”

Cloudflare for Unified Risk Posture- Cloudfare

A new suite of risk management tools called Cloudflare for Unified Risk Posture was also launched during the conference. This single platform can identify, evaluate, and mitigate threats across all environments resulting in reduced manual efforts and improved threat protection. These advanced suite of risk management capabilities are available for free.

“The security landscape is complex enough, organizations need to have a clear view of all of the threats and risks inside and outside of their environments. Cloudflare Unified Risk Posture is one of the only tools that equips companies to continuously identify and address threats at the breakneck speed required to stay safe against an ever-evolving threat landscape.”- Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

New Security Capabilities by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced new security capabilities aimed at helping organizations in securing and governing AI applications and their data. These new capabilities are available in Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Purview. Microsoft Defender for Cloud empowers organizations to strengthen their AI security posture and discover new AI attack surfaces. The Microsoft Purview can help identify and mitigate data security and compliance risks. With new AI compliance assessments, Microsoft Purview will also support compliance with regulatory policies.

Google Threat Intelligence

Google unveiled Google Threat Intelligence, a new offering providing unparalleled visibility into the global threat landscape. This combines deep insights from Mandiant’s leading incident response and threat research team, the global reach of the VirusTotal community, and Google’s broad visibility drawn from billions of signals across devices and emails. This enables Google Threat Intelligence to protect an organization’s data in different ways including external threat monitoring, managing attack surfaces, digital risk protection, analyzing Indicators of Compromise (IOC), and providing expertise. Google threat intelligence also leverages the power of Gemini to enable users to gain insights from its extensive collection of threat intelligence and protect themselves.

Conversational Scam Intelligence platform- Netcraft

Conversational Scam Intelligence platform was launched by Netcraft, this new platform employs advanced generative AI to thwart scams on a broad scale. “Conversational scams through email, SMS, and other channels have become an acute pain point for financial institutions and individuals worldwide,” said Ryan Woodley, Netcraft CEO. “Our innovative approach leverages the thoughtful use of AI, extensive cloaking techniques, and proactive countermeasures, providing a potent blend of data extraction and criminal disruption.

This system identifies the hidden financial infrastructure used in pig-butchering scam attempts and enables users to flag compromised accounts and prevent transactions from those accounts.

Redefining e-mail security- Proofpoint

Proofpoint announced enhanced e-mail security packages providing end-to-end email protection across the entire email delivery chain. The new adaptive threat protection capabilities for email security provide pre-delivery defense by identifying and blocking social engineering threats and malicious links. It also offers protection against post-delivery threats by using AI to detect and stop internal phishing emails and email fraud attempts. “The fragmentation across email security solutions allows threat actors to win, again and again. Organizations need a simple, unified, and effective way to catch every threat, every time, every way a user may encounter it, using every form of detection,” said Darren Lee, executive vice-president, and general manager, People Protection Group, Proofpoint. “Combined with our detection ensemble and email threat intelligence dataset—the largest and most advanced of its kind—our ability to offer end-to-end pre-delivery and adaptive email security sets a new bar for the industry.”

Behavioral detection and response solution- RAD Security

RAD Security launched a behavioral detection and response solution for cloud-native environments. This is the first such solution and uses behavioral fingerprints to detect cloud-native attacks in real-time and prioritize responses based on real-time infrastructure and identity context. “As the footprint of cloud-native environments continues growing, security teams can no longer rely on signature-based detection that only works after the attack, or false promises from AI and machine learning models based on insufficient samples of cloud attacks. Security teams need to respond to cloud-native attacks as they happen, with clear prioritization across workloads, infrastructure, and identity,” explains CTO and Co-Founder, Jimmy Mesta.

Splunk Asset and Risk Intelligence- Splunk

Splunk introduced Splunk Asset and Risk Intelligence, an innovative solution that makes managing security and compliance easier. With comprehensive, continuous intelligence and visibility over assets, it helps businesses minimize cybersecurity threats and remove shadow IT. Features such as out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards and metrics and capabilities such as accurate investigations and enhanced visibility empower businesses to take proactive steps towards improving the security posture. “Splunk Asset and Risk Intelligence marks a significant leap forward in proactive risk mitigation for organizations,” said Mike Horn, SVP & GM of Security at Splunk. “By harnessing the power of continuous asset discovery and compliance monitoring, we’re empowering security teams to stay ahead of threats and maintain a robust security posture. This new solution underscores Splunk’s commitment to providing innovative tools that address the evolving challenges of today’s digital landscape.”

Singularity™ Cloud Native Security- SentinelOne

SentinelOne has launched  Singularity™ Cloud Native Security, a revolutionary Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). “With SentinelOne Singularity™ Cloud Native Security, defenders can see things from an attacker’s perspective, understand how they operate, and stop them in their tracks.” said Anand Prakash, Senior Director of Product Management at SentinelOne. This platform is built to assess environments like a hacker would, and allows security teams to prioritize threats and prevent attacks before they happen. Singularity™ Cloud Native Security uses a unique Offensive Security Engine™ to identify real threats allowing security teams to take immediate action.

cyDNA- OpenText

cyDNA, a threat intelligence capability by OpenText that stands out by delivering highly specific and actionable threat intelligence rather than generalized threat information. OpenText also announced the launch of  Fortify Static Code Analysis, which allows security teams to proactively identify vulnerabilities. “Attack strategies are constantly changing through all aspects of an organizations IT environment. OpenText’s new innovations equip cyber defenders with the intelligence and tools to anticipate and mitigate potential risks before they materialize,” said Muhi Majzoub, Chief Product Officer and EVP, OpenText.

New AI Security Offering – Checkmarx

Checkmarx introduced a new AI security offering within the Checkmarx One platform. This includes AI Security for GitHub Copilot, AI Security Champion, and real-time in-IDE scanning. This equips developers to write more secure code, authenticate AI-generated code, and automatically fix vulnerabilities. These solutions enhance the overall security process by improving the accuracy and speed at which security issues can be identified and resolved.

Content Security Ecosystem- Egnyte

Egnyte has launched a content security ecosystem aimed at enabling customers to improve control over their cloud content using document classification labels. This integration allows customers to utilize labels generated by an AI-driven classification engine, which aligns with Microsoft Purview Sensitivity labels. These labels facilitate insights and actions across security partners such as Netskope, Zscaler, CrowdStrike, and SkyHigh Security.

Risk and Exposure Management (REM)- Forescout

Forescout announced the launch of  Risk and Exposure Management (REM), a comprehensive, AI-enhanced asset intelligence solution.  “Forescout Risk and Exposure Management provides the way for enterprises to gain comprehensive attack surface visibility, prioritize risk, and proactively prioritize the risks that matter to their businesses.” said Barry Mainz, CEO, Forescout.  REM consistently detects and prioritizes potential risks across all cyber assets using an automated, multi-factor approach. This empowers businesses to address vulnerabilities and enhance their security position.

Sightline-Protect AI

Protect AI, introduced Sightline, a comprehensive database focusing on AI and ML supply chain vulnerabilities. Sightline provides in-depth insights into known and emerging vulnerabilities related to AI/ML systems.  It also acts as an early warning system by flagging these vulnerabilities an average of 30 days before they are published in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). This enables organizations to rapidly identify, assess, and rectify AI-related risks in their ecosystem.

Identity Cloud- Saviynt

Saviynt launched Identity Cloud, an advanced platform, that integrates AI capabilities and is designed to enhance decision-making, safeguard applications, ensure identity security, and elevate operational efficiency across internal and external ecosystems. The four key pillars of Identity Cloud are- security-first architecture, intelligence that protects, improved productivity and efficiency, and continuous compliance. “Transforming identity processes from operational to intelligent is a must for enterprises. With The Identity Cloud, organizations can automate tasks, improve decision making, reduce unnecessary risk, and deliver a transformational impact that improves efficiencies by over 50%,” said Jeff Margolies, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Saviynt.

HEID AI- SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard’s powerful breach prediction engine Highly Evolved Intelligence Defense (HEID) AI is emerging out of beta. Leveraging the world’s largest cybersecurity dataset and innovative Large Language Models (LLMs), HEID AI boasts an impressive 80% increase in breach prediction accuracy with false positives under 1%.

Swimlane Marketplace- Swimlane

Swimlane has introduced the Swimlane Marketplace, the industry’s first full-stack modular marketplace dedicated to security automation. Unlike traditional marketplaces, the Swimlane Marketplace offers seamless integration and simplifies the automation process. This enables organizations to optimize security operations (SecOps) across any technology stack or use case with tailored solutions. Swimlane Marketplace offers a carefully curated series of playbooks, applications, dashboards, and reports incorporated into pre-built solutions for an end-to-end use case.

SocX™- SecureIQLab

SecureIQLab takes cloud security to the next level with SocX™, a revolutionary AI-driven cloud validation platform. SocX™ utilizes adaptive learning models and advanced analytics to predict and prevent cyberattacks. This innovative platform complements current security measures by accelerating threat identification and prevention. SocX™ streamlines product lifecycles and streamlines operational efficiency. “SocX™ is the next-generation AI-powered platform Cloud Security Validation Suite tailored for modern needs that not only empowers security technology providers to innovate rapidly but also enables managed service providers (MSPs) to achieve operational efficiency“, according to Phuong Nguyen, VP of Product Security.


Torq has released HyperSOC, a specialized solution designed to automate, manage, and monitor vital SOC responses. It leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate tasks like security event investigation, triage, and remediation, freeing up analysts to focus on strategic initiatives. HyperSOC enables SOC professionals to effectively manage issues like alert fatigue, false positives, staff burnout, and attrition.

The RSA Conference 2024 saw groundbreaking innovations in the field of cybersecurity.  From AI-powered threat intelligence to cloud-native security solutions, the new security products and services showcased the industry’s relentless pursuit of addressing evolving cyber threats and enhancing security operations. A prominent trend observed in the launch of cutting-edge products and services was the emphasis on using AI and machine learning to bolster security operations, assess vulnerabilities, and prevent cyberattacks. As cybersecurity challenges continue to evolve, the innovations unveiled at RSA Conference 2024 empower organizations with the tools and capabilities needed to protect their digital infrastructure.

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