Kyndryl Unveils Banking and Financial Industry Services for Google Cloud Customers

Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest technology infrastructure services provider, today announced the availability of new services for financial services organizations seeking to use Google Cloud to safely store and protect their confidential and sensitive data. Kyndryl’s new services are designed to enable a unified, scalable and security-rich data platform to support customers’ regulatory and compliance activities and requirements.

Kyndryl developed the new services on Google Cloud’s reference architecture for financial services, with a focus on automation, security, and making compliance easier for customers. Customers can utilize Google Cloud’s security solutions, such as Confidential Computing to encrypt their confidential data and Google Cloud Security Command Center to identify vulnerabilities and detect threats.

Kyndryl’s financial services implementation for Google Cloud is tailored to meet the unique requirements and compliance standards of the financial industry. The new services feature many capabilities and differentiators essential to helping banks and financial institutions digitally modernize, including Kyndryl Consult architects and engineers; Kyndryl’s experienced developer and delivery teams; Kyndryl Cloud Native Managed Services; and Kyndryl compliance and security expertise.

With its modular, industry experience-based approach designed for cloud security and privacy, Kyndryl is partnering with Google Cloud to meet the needs of financial services customers via an industry cloud approach that overcomes the inadequate and limited capabilities of generic services.

“We have developed innovative services with advanced security capabilities to help financial services organizations plan and implement their data and application environment in Google Cloud,” said Meenagi Venkat, Vice President, Kyndryl Consult, Cloud“Kyndryl brings 30+ years of experience with designing, building and managing mission-critical IT infrastructures to provide customers what they need to run and transact their businesses in the cloud with confidence and security.”

“Services partners like Kyndryl provide the ongoing expertise and resources that many enterprises need for large-scale digital transformation projects,” said Benjie Harrison, Director of Global Alliances, Google Cloud“Kyndryl will now provide financial services companies with new solutions that apply Google Cloud’s trusted infrastructure and security tools to help customers achieve their business transformation goals.”

Kyndryl designed its financial services capabilities to take advantage of the Google Cloud security features and services that the financial services industry requires and relies upon, including:

  • Confidential Computing for core financial services that encrypts data during processing to help prevent unauthorized access to the data.
  • Google Cloud Sensitive Data Protection provides tools to discover, classify and mask sensitive data to help prevent it from being used in analytics or training of AI/ML models.
  • Security Command Center (SCC) to maintain and govern regulatory and security compliance and provide rapid alerts on non-compliance, as well as remediation guidance.

To enable a rapid and smooth transition to Google Cloud for financial services customers, Kyndryl has focused on key enablers, such as an industry-specific design that accelerates onboarding. The services enable customers to adopt modern operations practices such as Infrastructure as code (IaC) and can be adapted to specific customer requirements and local regulatory requirements and helps customers confidently and securely build and solve business challenges.

Kyndryl also applied its deep industry expertise and cloud native capabilities to create dynamic financial services based on an operating model that continuously governs and optimizes performance, aligns cloud pricing and spend with business outcomes, and provides composable cloud services that facilitate faster solutioning and time to revenue.

For more information about Kyndryl’s banking and finance industry services for Google Cloud, please visit

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