Rediffusion elects Fumio Oshima as Group Chairman

Rediffusion elects Fumio Oshima as Group Chairman

Fumio Oshima, who headed Global Operations at Dentsu Inc in the mid to late 1990s and early 2000s as Executive Vice President and Senior Managing Director, and was Director on the Global Board of Publicis for over a decade has been elected as the Group Chairman of Rediffusion. The Rediffusion Board met in Tokyo and unanimously approved the appointment of Oshima.

A management graduate from the US, Oshima joined Dentsu in 1965 in Tokyo. He went onto handle a large number of prestigious Japanese and non-Japanese clients over the years including Nestle, Coca Cola and Phillip Morris. Oshima also helped in the launch of Dentsu in India in 2003. He is also credited for building Dentsu’s towering presence in China.

Oshima Sama is a true global advertising leader. He has championed many global brands and conquered many global geographies over the years. Having him as Group Chairman of Rediffusion is an honour and privilege for us,” says Sandeep Goyal, Chairman and MD, Rediffusion.

I am humbled to be invited back to be associated with Rediffusion after nearly two decades. I served on the Board of the agency for many years. Rediffusion is one of India’s best-known agencies and I have known both Diwan Arun Nanda and Sandeep Goyal for nearly 30 years now and have closely followed the success of both Rediffusion and Everest,” Oshima says.

Rediffusion was a joint venture company till 2018 when Dentsu and Young & Rubicam both owned 20% equity in the agency. In 2021, the company was 100% acquired by Tanya & Sandeep Goyal’s Mogaé Group.

Oshima’s sage advice in expanding Rediffusion will be invaluable. His stature and outreach is unparalleled amongst global advertising leaders. Oshima Sama will mentor our agencies to greater growth,” adds Tanya Goyal, Executive Director, Rediffusion.

Rediffusion Group has nearly 350 employees. The group includes ad agencies Rediffusion, Everest, Next by Rediffusion, Ladyfinger, Rediffusion Studios, Rediffusion AI Design, Rediffusion SmartMedia and is home to The Bharat Lab, Red Lab and ICYMI – its strategy and consumer insights initiatives. The group has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.

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