SkyJumper Sports and Amusements, has appointed Ashutosh Bhatt as Chief Executive Officer.

SkyJumper Sports and Amusements, an indoor amusement park company has appointed Ashutosh Bhatt as Chief Executive Officer. An alumnus of IIM Lucknow, Ashutosh is a seasoned general management professional with a remarkable track record in large-scale P&L management, brand building, innovation, and business development.

With a diverse experience of over 14 years, Ashutosh has been passionate about driving growth, innovation, and transformation across diverse markets, channels, and categories. His leadership prowess has been honed through senior roles at industry giants such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Inc, HSBC and Ola.

Jitender Chhabra, Co-Founder, SkyJumper Sports & Amusements, said,“At SkyJumper, we’ve always believed in being ahead of the curve. Now that we are looking at creating Recreation 2.0, Ashutosh’s leadership, combined with our core values, sets the stage for an exciting chapter as we continue our path of profitable super growth.”

Suneel Dhar, Co-Founder, SkyJumper Sports & Amusements, said, “The amusement sector within India is currently at the verge of breakout and the ride moving forward is going to be fascinating. We’re thrilled that Ashutosh could join us. His rich experience coupled with visionary approach and high business acumen will be instrumental in SkyJumper playing a pivotal role within the Indian Amusement sector.”

Ashutosh Bhatt, CEO, SkyJumper Sports & Amusements, said, “The year 2022-2023 has ended at >45% EBITA and 300% Growth. In the current financial year, we project a similar EBITA and triple-digit growth. What makes SkyJumper truly remarkable is that we have thrived and grown without any external funding support – NO Venture Capital, NO Private Equity, and NO debt. This is the rarest of rare businesses to have a combination of financial stability, growth, innovation, and top-tier founders. Hence, it’s a privilege to lead the company to the next phase; I am honoured and very excited to be a part of this champion team.

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