Tamil Nadu’s first AI enabled Ultreon OCT with Angiography Co Registration System (OCT-ACR) was launched at Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet

A man aged 59 was treated for stenosis of right coronary artery using the latest precision Ultreon OCT-ACR for the first time in Tamil Nadu

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  • The Optical Coherence Tomography with Angiography Co Registration (OCT-ACR) helps in a highly accurate diagnosis of the type of cholesterol deposits, severity of calcium deposits, length of the blockage and vessel size, which helps in safe stent sizing and placement.
  • The AI enabled system helps in accurate assessment of the coronary blockage within seconds; it used to take several minutes in the past.

Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet, a leading multispecialty healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu, launched an AI based Ultreon OCT-ACR system, which helps in performing angioplasties with high precision and safety. The latest technology provides higher vision of the blood vessels and provide real time guidance for performing the procedures effectively.

A 59-year-aged man was treated for stenosis of his right coronary artery using this latest technology, for the first time in Tamil Nadu.

Conventional Coronary Angioplasty / stenting has been done, using the angiographic findings, since the 1970s. With, Coronary Intravascular imaging using ultrasound (IVUS) and the newer AI enabled Ultreon OCT-ACR it is possible to assess the coronary blockage rapidly (within seconds), reducing the procedural time while increasing the safety and precision of the procedure,” said Dr. Rajaram Ananthraman, Senior Interventional Cardiologist who led the team of Cardiologists and performed Tamil Nadu’s first Ultreon OCT-ACR guided PTCA stenting in 59 year old patient, with severe right coronary artery stenosis, at Kauvery Hospital, Alwarpet.

This system is AI enabled, and provides all detailed information within seconds. With the Ultreon OCT-ACR, the data is shared instantly, with real time guidance for interventional procedures. The cardiologist will be able to perform complex multi vessel PCI with precision very safely.

We had done a complex calcific LAD Angioplasty on a 50 year old man, using the Ultreon OCT guidance with excellent outcomes which was transmitted live to the recently concluded TCT-South Asia conference held in Mumbai and it was well appreciated among the doctors,” says Dr. K P Suresh Kumar, Chief Cardiologist , Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet Chennai.

The launch was presided over by Dr. Gulio Gualiumi , Interventional Cardiologist from St Ant’ Ambrogio Hospital, Milan , Italy. Dr. Guilo is a pioneer in OCT guided PTCA. He has been instrumental in a lot of research and advancements in the field of Interventional Cardiology.

Speaking on the advancement Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder and Executive Director Kauvery Hospitals, said, “The field of Cardiology has developed extensively, providing ideal treatment for complex cardiac conditions. Artificial Intelligence is transforming healthcare by providing accuracy and precision in diagnosis and treatment. With this latest technology, we shall be providing treatments with higher safety for patients. I appreciate Dr. K P Suresh Kumar, Dr. Ananthraman and team for utilizing the latest technology thus setting a benchmark in the field of Cardiology in Tamil Nadu.

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