TCS launches genAI platform WisdomNext for AI adoption

The TCS AI WisdomNext platform allows clients to compare Generative AI (GenAI) models and tools across various cloud services in a unified interface, speeding up AI adoption. It also provides ready-to-deploy business solution blueprints with built-in guardrails, simplifying the implementation of GenAI solutions for large organizations.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched TCS AI WisdomNext, an innovative platform that integrates multiple Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) services into a single interface.

This platform helps organizations rapidly adopt advanced technologies, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. By enabling real-time experimentation with different foundational models from vendors, internal sources, and open-source libraries, WisdomNext addresses the challenges businesses face in selecting and implementing AI solutions.

The platform tackles the difficulties solution designers face in choosing the right foundational models, which vary in usage, cost, and effectiveness. TCS’ AI for Business Study revealed that while executives recognize AI’s potential, they often struggle with the implementation process. WisdomNext helps businesses select suitable models and design new solutions with reusable components, thus speeding up development.

Siva Ganesan, Head of the AI.Cloud Unit at TCS, emphasized that WisdomNext enables clients to leverage GenAI for better data utilization, innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage. Initial trials have shown significant benefits, such as improving sales processes for a US outdoor advertising firm, boosting productivity for an American insurance provider, and developing a smart mortgage assistant for a UK bank.

Key features of TCS AI WisdomNext include:

  • Preconfigured industry solution blueprints
  • Intelligent evaluator bots for comparing GenAI models and technologies
  • Cost optimization scenarios
  • Centralized governance with compliance guardrails
  • Seamless portability across cloud platforms and GenAI ecosystems
  • Capabilities for building hyper-personalized customer experiences

Scott Kessler, CIO of Northeast Shared Services, praised the platform for its comprehensive approach, enhancing data integration and insights, thereby increasing efficiency, innovation, and customer focus in their grocery organization. Overall, WisdomNext provides a robust solution for businesses to effectively harness GenAI, transforming their operations and delivering measurable outcomes.


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