Technobind to Drive Digital Transformation in India as a Newly Appointed Distributor for EnterpriseDB

BENGALURU, India – June 06, 2024

TechnoBind, a specialist distributor for data and associated domains, announces its collaboration with EnterpriseDB (EDB), a leading provider of enterprise-class data management solutions, to offer enhanced operational resiliency, scalability, and disaster recovery. EDB’s solutions ensure extreme high availability, protecting critical applications and maximizing uptime, even during major upgrades, while maintaining seamless productivity and enhancing customer experience.

EnterpriseDB leads the charge in advancing Postgres for enterprises, offering Oracle compatibility and distributed high availability. Their streamlined solutions ensure smooth procurement and operational agility, delivering high-performance, secure Postgres across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid setups. With a focus on seamless database management, EDB supports businesses in transitioning from legacy systems to agile, open-source solutions, meeting strict data protection standards with robust cryptographic support.

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with EnterpriseDB, a pivotal development for Technobind as we continue to enhance our offerings to our partners. This partnership is a significant opportunity for all of us in this ecosystem to tap into the rapidly expanding market for scalable and secure database solutions in India. Together with EnterpriseDB’s advanced technology and our commitment to complement partners’ strengths with pre-sales support, enablement programs, and market insights, as we have done over the years, we are well-equipped to help the partners explore this opportunity and deliver exceptional value to their clients.said Harikrishna Prabhu, COO at Technobind.

EDB ensures secure, consistent PostgreSQL deployment across Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, GCP, on-premises, and hybrid setups. Features include Cloud Database Preparation for seamless cloud transitions, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud options for flexibility, and Self-Managed Private Cloud for tailored security and performance, meeting enterprise needs both on-premises and in the cloud. In response to growing demands for operational resilience and scalability, TechnoBind and EDB join forces to offer EDB Postgres Distributed, ensuring exceptional uptime and minimal downtime

“EnterpriseDB is thrilled to collaborate with TechnoBind to deliver innovative data management solutions to our mutual customers.” said Ramesh Mamgain, Vice President & Head at EDB India.  “Together, we’re not just offering solutions; we’re revolutionizing database management. With TechnoBind’s expertise and our innovative PostgreSQL offerings, we’re poised to elevate businesses to new heights of success.”

TechnoBind understands the growing technology needs of its customers in the Indian and APAC regions. Constant monitoring and being in touch with OEMs, partners and resellers have helped the company understand where there is a gap in the market and formulate a plan of action to bridge that gap. TechnoBind operates as an extension of the OEMs who are looking to diversify and reach newer markets by providing them with sales, presales, marketing, sales cycles and more

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