Tejas Networks Secures Rs 7,492 Crore Order from Tata Consultancy Services for 4G/5G Equipment

Tejas Networks, a subsidiary of the Tata Group known for its expertise in creating wireless networking solutions, announced on Wednesday its receipt of a significant purchase order amounting to Rs 7,492 crore from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), another entity under the Tata Group umbrella.

The company confirmed entering into a principal agreement with TCS for the provision, aid, and annual upkeep of its Radio Access Network (RAN) equipment, intended for BSNL’s nationwide 4G/5G network.

Under this agreement with TCS valued at Rs 7,492 crore (roughly $900 million) without GST, Tejas commits to provide equipment for an estimated 100,000 locations, slated for completion between 2023 and 2024.

Anand Athreya, the CEO and Managing Director of Tejas Networks, remarked, “Our cutting-edge portfolio of baseband and radio products will enable BSNL to roll out a scalable and cost-effective network that meets world-class performance and quality standards. This also furthers our mission to create India’s first global-scale telecom and networking products company with an end-to-end suite of wireless and wireline offerings.”

Dr. Kumar N. Sivarajan, Tejas Networks’ CTO, mentioned that their sophisticated 4G/5G RAN solutions underwent exhaustive on-field evaluations by BSNL for almost 18 months before securing the nod for expansive commercial application.

Tejas disclosed that the arrangement has garnered the requisite endorsements from its stakeholders for the fiscal year concluding in March 2023.

Given that both TCS and Tejas Networks operate under the overarching Tata Sons conglomerate, this agreement is classified as a related-party transaction.

The contractual terms will commence upon TCS’s issuance of the purchase order and will culminate based on the mutually agreed delivery timeline.

Specializing in the creation of both wired and wireless networking tools, Tejas Networks collaborates with telecommunication providers, ISPs, utilities, military, and governmental organizations across over 75 nations. Within the Tata Group framework, Panatone Finvest, a branch of Tata Sons, stands as the primary stakeholder in Tejas Networks.

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