Telemedicine Advancement Takes Center Stage: TSI and ISfTeH Unite for 19th International Conference in Goa

Goa, India

The future of healthcare takes a remarkable turn as the Telemedicine Society of India (TSI), in collaboration with the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH), unveils the 19th International Residential Conference ‘Telemedicon 2023 Goa’. This visionary event is set to unfold from 3rd to 5th November at the Park Regis Goa, with a compelling focus on ‘Emerging Technologies Connecting the Indian Healthcare System‘.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Goa, Telemedicon 2023 Goa will gather a distinguished audience of more than 400 delegates, featuring over 20 International Speakers & 60 National Speakers of eminence.

The impressive roster of speakers includes Mr. Maurice Mars, a distinguished Professor Emeritus of Telehealth University, South Africa; Mr. Phillip E Gibbs, the PHD Principal of The Disruption Lab, USA; Ms. Tory Cenaj, Founder and Publisher of Telehealth and Medicine Today, USA; Mr. Rifat Latifi, a Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona, and President of the International Virtual E-Hospital Foundation, USA; Dr. Uma Nambiar, Chairperson at DH India Association; and Dr. Yunkap Kwankam, Former Chief of Telemedicine at WHO, and Executive Director of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH), Michelle Griffith President ISfTeH, Tryphosa Sween, State Coordinator, National Health Authority PMJAY & ABDM, MoHFW, Govt of India; Dr K Madan Gopal, Advisor-Public Health Administration, National Health Systems Resource Centre, MOHFW, Govt of India, Dr Karan Thakur, Vice President, Sustainability, ESG & Public Affairs, AHEL, New Delhi; Dr Pravin Bist, Chief Information Officer, Amrita Hospitals, Delhi, Dr Purvez Grant, Managing Trustee & Chief Cardiologist, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune; Mr Behram Khodaiji, CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune and many more.

Amidst the context of South Asia, particularly India, where healthcare resources remain urban-centric, Telemedicon 2023 Goa aims to spotlight the boundless potential of telehealth. With telecommunication and information technology as catalysts, this event aspires to bridge the gap between urban and rural healthcare services, unlocking digital health avenues across India. Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is creating ripples with an aim to reach the last mile, bridging the digital divide, accessable, available and affordable.

At the brink of India’s digital health revolution, Telemedicon 2023 Goa stands as a pivotal moment. Foreseeing digital health’s impact across healthcare domains, this gathering envisions it as an integral healthcare infrastructure element.

For those keen to participate in this transformative journey, Telemedicon 2023 Goa offers a unique platform to engage with digital health pioneers, catalyze partnerships, and kindle innovation. The event promises interactions with start-ups, networking with key stakeholders, and forging impactful collaborations, breaking silos and entering a common digital eco space to offer interoperability.

Dr. B.S Ratta, the Organizing Chairman of Telemedicon 2023, remarked, “Our focus will be on illuminating India’s digital transformation journey, accentuating successes and addressing gaps.

The symposium beckons not just medical experts, but a diverse range of industries, welcoming business leaders, IT innovators, insurance influencers, pharmaceutical stalwarts, and government entities. It signifies an open avenue for knowledge exchange and novel business ventures.

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