Zeron Joins Hand with Mitigata to Boost Cyber Risk Posture in BFSI Sector

Zeron, Mumbai’s leading cyber risk quantification firm, has entered into a strategic partnership with Mitigata, a pioneer in innovative cyber insurance solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance cyber risk management and reduce cyber risk exposure by 60%, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about their cyber risk strategies. By integrating Zeron’s expertise in risk quantification with Mitigata’s specialized cyber insurance products, customers can proactively manage their cyber risks and secure appropriate financial protection.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, organizations face the challenge of assessing their cyber risk posture and selecting optimal insurance coverage. Zeron addresses this issue by offering critical risk indicators and quantification through its QBER model, a pioneering benchmark for managing cyber threats in India.

This agreement will merge Zeron’s risk quantification expertise with Mitigata’s cyber insurance proficiency. Utilizing its QBER model, Zeron will provide clients with vital risk indicators and quantification, enabling a deeper understanding of their cyber risk posture. Mitigata will then offer customized cyber insurance solutions based on Zeron’s risk assessments. This partnership will empower organizations to make well-informed decisions about their cyber risk management strategies and select the most suitable cyber insurance coverage.

Our partnership with Mitigata is a strategic alliance designed to help organizations navigate today’s complex cyber threat landscape,” said Sanket Sarkar, CEO & Founder of Zeron. “By combining Zeron’s risk quantification insights with Mitigata’s innovative cyber insurance solutions, we enable businesses to proactively manage cyber risks and secure the most suitable insurance coverage. The increasing complexity of cyber threats and growing regulatory scrutiny highlight the need for a robust CRQ model like QBER. With its actionable insights, QBER sets a new standard for cyber risk quantification.

QBER allows organizations to assess their cyber threats in financial terms, providing crucial information to help defend against cyber attacks and manage financial impacts. As cyber threats evolve, the demand for such approaches is growing. Companies using QBER can make better cybersecurity investments, thanks to its comprehensive, flexible, and dynamic assessment of cyber hazards. This enables swift responses to emerging risks, and insurance companies can use QBER to offer comprehensive cyber risk coverage, enhancing overall cyber resilience.

Sarthak Dubey, Co-founder & COO of Mitigata, stated, “Our partnership with Zeron marks a significant step in our mission to extend beyond cybersecurity and cyber insurance. By merging Mitigata’s tech-enabled cyber insurance solutions with Zeron’s risk quantification capabilities, we provide our clients with comprehensive, full-stack cyber support. This collaboration empowers organizations to understand their cyber risk posture with unprecedented accuracy and secure tailored financial protection. Together, Mitigata and Zeron are setting a new standard for cyber risk management, helping our clients navigate the complex digital landscape with confidence.

Mitigata’s alliance with Zeron represents a significant milestone in expanding beyond traditional cybersecurity and cyber insurance. By integrating Mitigata’s cutting-edge technology-enabled cyber insurance solutions with Zeron’s risk quantification expertise, this partnership offers clients comprehensive cyber support. Organizations can assess their cyber risk posture with exceptional precision and obtain targeted financial protection, setting a new benchmark for cyber risk management and aiding clients in confidently navigating the digital landscape.


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