Chiral, a nanotechnology startup, raises $3.8M led by Founderful and HCVC

Chiral, a pioneering nanotechnology startup, has recently secured $3.8 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Founderful and HCVC, with contributions from ETH Zurich and Venture Kick.

The infusion of capital will expedite the development of Chiral’s groundbreaking machines, which aim to revolutionize the electronics industry by integrating nanomaterials into devices.

Chiral has devised a novel method to leverage nanomaterials in enhancing electronic devices such as computer chips. These advanced materials promise to significantly enhance device performance, enabling faster processing, greater efficiency, and enhanced capability for handling complex tasks.

Overcoming the challenge posed by the minute size of nanomaterials, Chiral’s technology streamlines the process through automated robotic machines, precisely and swiftly placing these materials onto chips. This innovation addresses a significant obstacle in today’s electronics manufacturing landscape.

Traditionally, the electronics industry has relied on shrinking silicon technology to enhance device performance, following Moore’s Law. However, as this approach nears its physical limits, the exploration of new materials has led to the adoption of nanomaterials.

Chiral’s innovative approach aims to actualize the integration of these advanced materials into electronic devices, representing a notable advancement in chip manufacturing.

Chiral’s journey commenced with a national research project at the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, where its co-founders — Seoho Jung, Natanael Lanz, and Andre Butzerin — developed a prototype machine capable of integrating nanomaterials into devices at unprecedented speeds during their tenure as PhD students.

The early success of their prototype demonstrated the commercial viability of their technology, culminating in the establishment of Chiral. The global nanotechnology market is projected to experience substantial growth, reaching $248.56 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 17.8%, according to research by Fortune Business Insights. Major chipmakers like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) have presented development roadmaps featuring nanomaterial-based transistors as the future architecture.

Pascal Mathis, Founding Partner at Founderful, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Chiral and HCVC, highlighting Chiral’s AI- and robotics-based technology as pivotal in enabling the large-scale production of nanomaterial-based chips for commercialization.

Alexis Houssou, Founding Partner at HCVC, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing Chiral’s mission to usher in a groundbreaking post-silicon era and expressing excitement about supporting their vision for the future of computing infrastructure.


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