Cybercriminals Launched an Average of 9,000 Daily Online Attacks on Indian Businesses in 2023: Report

Cybercriminals launched an average of nearly 9,000 online attacks targeting Indian businesses daily in 2023, a new report revealed on Monday.

According to the cybersecurity company Kaspersky, over three million web threats were detected and blocked for businesses in India from January to December, marking a 47 percent increase compared to the numbers recorded in 2022.

Jaydeep Singh, General Manager for India at Kaspersky, stated, “With the local government ramping up efforts to bolster the digital economy and infrastructure, Indian businesses should prioritize strengthening their cyber defenses against online threats.”

Failing to do so risks undermining their ability to fully harness the benefits of digitalization. Now is the time to take proactive measures and safeguard against potential cyber threats,” he added.

Web-based threats, or online threats, are cybersecurity risks that may cause unwanted events or actions via the internet. These threats exploit vulnerabilities in end-users, web service developers/operators, or the web services themselves, the report noted.

In 2024, it’s imperative for businesses to elevate their cybersecurity efforts to new heights. Gone are the days when basic firewall and endpoint solutions sufficed,” Singh said.

He also emphasized that with organizations handling vast amounts of data and facing the potential for significant reputational and financial damage from cyberattacks, “now is the time for an adaptive and intelligence-led approach to security solutions and services.”


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