FedEx Announces appointment of Sandeep Shahi as Vice President, Information Technology in Asia Pacific

The Federal Express Corporation, a prominent global express transportation entity, has named Sandeep Shahi as the Vice President of Information Technology (IT) for the Asia Pacific region. In this role, Shahi will spearhead the technological endeavors of the company across Asia Pacific.

Shahi commenced his professional journey in Germany with SAP AG, later transitioning into the logistics sector where he led digital transformation initiatives and facilitated the integration of digital solutions, significantly contributing to the modernization of integrated IT frameworks.

Situated at the confluence of physical and digital realms, FedEx’s strategic approach in the Asia Pacific market hinges on innovation. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing supply chain intelligence through technological advancements, process automation, and efficiency enhancements, thereby elevating the overall service experience for its clientele.

Notable initiatives in this regard include FedEx Dataworks, leveraging the company’s extensive data ecosystem to optimize internal processes, foster innovation, and develop smarter supply chains worldwide. Additionally, FedEx’s novel digital platform, dubbed fdx, promises comprehensive e-commerce solutions tailored to businesses of all scales, streamlining the entire customer journey and facilitating supply chain management for SMEs.

Moreover, FedEx has introduced FedEx® Sustainability Insights, a groundbreaking cloud-based data engine designed to facilitate transparent sustainability reporting. This innovative tool utilizes near real-time data from the FedEx network to estimate CO2e emissions, empowering customers to gauge the environmental impact of their shipments accurately.


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