Enhancing ITIL Practices with Infraon – a Flexible and Unified Platform

BENGALURU, India – June 12, 2024

In the fast-paced IT Service Management (ITSM) world, organizations constantly seek to optimize their operations and align them with the industry standards outlined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Traditional IT service management frameworks often come with rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions that may not cater to every organization’s unique challenges. Herein lies the potential of EverestIMS Technologies’ Infraon Suite—a dynamic, unified platform designed to not only support but enhance ITIL practices through flexibility and comprehensive integration.

As we go into the specifics of how the Infraon Suite enhances ITIL practices, we will explore the tangible benefits this platform brings to the table. From its adaptability to various operational demands to its impact on financial strategies, each feature is designed to elevate IT service management to unprecedented levels of efficiency and customization.

Provisioning Clear and Efficient SOPs

A fundamental aspect of adhering to ITIL practices involves creating and implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs). SOPs ensure that every IT process is executed consistently and efficiently, reducing errors and miscommunications that can lead to service disruptions. The Infraon Suite by EverestIMS stands out by providing crystal-clear and easily customizable SOPs for each ITIL function.

The platform’s intuitive interface allows IT managers to craft detailed and straightforward SOPs, making them easily adoptable by all team members. Whether it’s incident management, problem resolution, or change management, each procedure is designed to be clear and actionable. This not only improves operational clarity but also boosts efficiency by streamlining processes and enabling quick adaptations to emerging challenges.

SaaS Flexibility and Financial Adaptability

In today’s IT landscape, flexibility and financial adaptability play crucial roles in an organization’s success. Infraon Suite addresses these needs through its Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which is uniquely flexible and accommodating. Unlike traditional platforms, Infraon Suite can be hosted on a customer’s preferred cloud platform—be it AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud—providing flexibility in terms of deployment and scalability.

Moreover, the financial adaptability of Infraon Suite’s SaaS offerings cannot be overstated. Supporting both Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operational Expenditure (OpEx) models allows organizations to choose a financial approach that best fits their budgetary constraints and business strategies. This flexibility ensures that companies of all sizes can leverage top-tier ITIL practices without compromising financial planning or operational efficiency.

Contrasting Adaptability with Industry Norms

While the IT industry often presents rigid and inflexible solutions, Infraon Suite breaks the mold by offering unparalleled adaptability. This adaptability is evident in its ability to tailor IT solutions to its users’ specific operational and budgetary needs. Instead of imposing a rigid framework, Infraon Suite provides various modules and integration options that allow organizations to build a customized IT management ecosystem.

This approach is a significant deviation from industry norms, where companies are frequently forced to adjust their operations to fit the constraints of their IT tools. With Infraon Suite, the tools adjust to fit the operations. This enhances efficiency and empowers companies to innovate and evolve their IT practices in ways that best support their business objectives and growth.

Unified Platform for Seamless IT Management

The concept of a unified platform under a single licensing model is where Infraon Suite truly distinguishes itself from its competitors. Instead of juggling multiple tools for different IT management needs—ITSM, IT Operations Management (ITOM), automation, and integrations—Infraon Suite brings all these functions together into a cohesive, seamlessly integrated platform.

Building on the foundation of enhancing ITIL practices, the Infraon Suite by EverestIMS Technologies emerges as a pivotal tool. It is tailored to propel organizations into a future where IT service management is about maintaining standards and excelling in adaptability and integration.

Benefits of Infraon Suite in ITIL Practices

The Infraon Suite by EverestIMS offers several compelling benefits to enhance ITIL practices:

  • Unified Platform: It consolidates infrastructure and service management into a single platform, streamlining operations and improving visibility across IT environments.
  • AI-Driven Efficiency: Infraon Suite uses AI to predict and rectify IT issues proactively, minimizing disruptions and enhancing system reliability.
  • Automation and Optimization: The platform automates routine tasks, optimizes resource allocation, and reduces wastage, leading to significant cost savings and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Integration and Deployment: Its modular design facilitates easy integration and swift deployment, speeding up the time-to-market and adapting flexibly to hybrid IT environments.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: With advanced analytics and reporting tools, the suite helps make informed decisions, aligning IT performance with business objectives.
  • Improved User Experience: It ensures SLA adherence and enhances customer satisfaction through intuitive self-service portals and comprehensive knowledge resources.

Enhancing ITIL practices with its innovative features not only meets the current demands of IT departments across various industries but also anticipates future needs, thereby driving the evolution of ITSM solutions. This platform is not just about managing IT services; it’s about transforming them to be more efficient, adaptable, and aligned with business goals.


The Infraon Suite offers a transformative approach to ITIL practices, setting a new standard for flexibility, integration, and efficiency in IT service management. By providing a platform that is both adaptable and comprehensive, it enables organizations to overcome traditional constraints and elevate their IT operations to new heights. The unique combination of customizable SOPs, SaaS flexibility, financial adaptability, and a unified platform means that companies can tailor their IT management to fit their needs without sacrificing quality or performance. With the Infraon Suite, businesses are not only equipped to meet today’s IT challenges but are also prepared to anticipate and adapt to the future dynamics of the IT industry. This platform does more than support ITIL standards; it enhances and evolves them, making it an indispensable tool for organizations aiming to thrive in a competitive technological landscape.

Suresh Kewalramani
Suresh Kewalramani
Director – Enterprise and BFSI Sales
EverestIMS Technologies

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