Hitwicket partners with commentator Harsha Bhogle to enhance global cricket gaming experience

The cricket gaming startup Hitwicket, known for its strategic approach, joins forces with renowned cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle to elevate the gaming experience for cricket fans worldwide. Bhogle will serve as a strategic investor, infusing his expert insights into crafting cricket content for Hitwicket, merging real-world cricket knowledge with the virtual realm of mobile gaming.

Hitwicket, a virtual universe where users assume roles as team owners, coaches, and captains, promises sustained engagement. Bhogle’s involvement is anticipated to propel Hitwicket’s global outreach to 50 million downloads within the next two years, enhancing its presence across international cricket gaming enthusiasts.

With over 40 years of experience as a cricket commentator, Harsha Bhogle is a prominent figure in global cricket broadcasting. His passion and expertise in the game, earning him the title of “The Voice of Cricket,” align seamlessly with Hitwicket’s vision to revolutionize mobile cricket gaming and expand into new markets worldwide. Hitwicket aims to leverage Bhogle’s insights to co-create immersive gaming experiences for cricket aficionados globally.

Hitwicket has evolved over time, introducing new segments through technology and gaining recognition for its game that strikes a balance between simplicity and depth. With users spending an average of 4.9 hours per week on the app, it holds strong appeal among cricket enthusiasts globally, including a significant female user base. The game’s interface and gameplay cater to a wide age range, making it accessible and enjoyable for users aged 10 to 60.

Played in 109 countries worldwide, Hitwicket has garnered popularity in markets like India, Australia, UK, and USA, with cricket gaining traction globally, especially with events like Major League Cricket and the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup in the USA. The game has witnessed significant growth in the American market, attracting users who are experiencing cricket for the first time.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the investment, Harsha Bhogle stated, “I’m thrilled to join Hitwicket as an investor and contribute to the evolution of mobile cricket gaming. Hitwicket’s innovative approach and commitment to delivering an immersive gaming experience make it a standout player in the industry.”

Hitwicket’s co-founders, Keerti Singh and Kashyap Reddy, welcome Bhogle’s involvement, emphasizing his invaluable experience and insights into cricket. With Bhogle’s guidance, they are confident Hitwicket will continue to scale new heights and establish itself as a global leader in the gaming industry.

As Hitwicket advances, it remains dedicated to shaping the future of mobile gaming as a leading cricket brand from India, engaging users worldwide and standing out as a unique Indian game recognized for its innovation and immersive gameplay experience.


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