Unicommerce launches AI tool UniGPT for e-commerce businesses

Unicommerce has unveiled UniGPT, a pilot project introducing a generative AI platform aimed at alleviating e-commerce sellers’ concerns and supporting businesses by addressing their queries related to e-commerce selling.

With UniGPT, Unicommerce ventures into the Artificial Intelligence domain, expanding its array of solutions to aid businesses in optimizing their e-commerce and omnichannel retail operations. The platform aims to guide sellers on leveraging technology effectively for seamless e-commerce processes, currently accessible without any charges.

This initiative endeavors to assist existing and prospective users of Unicommerce’s technology in swiftly resolving queries regarding technology utilization and how Unicommerce’s solutions facilitate the same. UniGPT not only tackles specific concerns but also offers insights into industry trends, empowering sellers to set internal business objectives.

In its continuous endeavor to democratize e-commerce for sellers of all scales nationwide, UniGPT by Unicommerce leverages a vast repository of content accumulated over a decade. This repository includes technology support resources, annual industry reports acting as a playbook for e-commerce sellers, and streamlined workflows illustrating product usability..

Kapil Makhija, Managing Director and CEO of Unicommerce, talked about the product saying, In this journey of enabling businesses, we are thrilled to launch a pilot of our first AI-enabled platformUniGPT.  ​It’s our initiative to empower businesses with a deeper understanding of technology for informed decision-making. The platform will also assist in facilitating faster resolutions of queries for our existing sellers. UniGPT marks another stride in our ongoing commitment to offer comprehensive ​​technology-powered support to businesses.”


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