LinkedIn’s India head Ashutosh Gupta steps down

Ashutosh Gupta, currently serving as the Country Manager for India and the APAC Head of Online Sales for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, has made the decision to depart from the company by the end of April, opting for a career break before embarking on new endeavors.

Gupta has been an integral part of the LinkedIn team for 11 years, commencing with his role as the Country Manager for LinkedIn India in 2019. Throughout Gupta’s tenure in India, significant milestones were achieved, including the introduction of the Hindi language feature to aid members, the expansion of the member base in India surpassing 100 million, and various other impactful initiatives.

The press statement expresses gratitude to Ashutosh for his decade-long commitment and extends best wishes for his future endeavors. As LinkedIn continues to advance and expand its operations in this pivotal market, the APAC and India leadership teams are poised to collaborate closely in the selection process for a new country manager for India.

Gupta boasts two decades of experience in the tech industry, with notable roles in companies such as Google, Cognizant, and Infosys. He joined LinkedIn in 2013 to spearhead LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions (LMS) business in India before relocating to Singapore in 2016 to establish the Online Sales Organization (OSO) for Asia Pacific and China under LMS.

Gupta was appointed as the Country Manager for India by LinkedIn, effective September 2, 2019, at a time when LinkedIn boasted over 630 million global members and more than 57 million users in India. Presently, LinkedIn’s user base in India has surged to over 115 million, underlining the platform’s exponential growth and significance in the region.


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