TechnoBind Strengthens Its API Security Offering Partnering with AppSentinels

TechnoBind, a specialist distributor for data and associated domains, today announced its partnership with AppSentinels, a provider of application security solutions. They provide a full lifecycle API Security platform that offers discovery and cataloguing of APIs, tracking of sensitive data, protection against API attacks, shifts-left API testing, rapid incident response and streamlined compliance efforts.

AppSentinels, with a mission to fix gaps in application security, has a stellar record of building enterprise grade security products that have won accolades across industry forums. AppSentinels Full Lifecycle API Security Platform helps developers build secure APIs by creating numerous security tests specific to the application, offers 24×7 pen-testing and cuts down bug bounty budgets. This specialized API security platform also provides runtime protection against unknown business logic flaws, automated API attacks and frauds along with intelligently blocking threat actors with manual & automated remediation.

As API attacks continue to evolve in sophistication and frequency, it is imperative for companies to prioritize API security to mitigate risks and safeguard their digital assets. TechnoBind recognizes the niche demands in the market and partners with industry leaders to deliver tailored solutions addressing these specific needs. AppSentinels, renowned for its award-winning application security solutions platform, emerges as the ideal choice to meet customer demands. This collaboration aims to empower our partners to navigate the complex security landscape with proactive tools to safeguard data integrity and confidentiality throughout the application lifecycle,” said Prashanth GJ, CEO at TechnoBind Solutions.

AppSentinels Full Life-cycle API Security Platform employs advanced AI/ML models to gain comprehensive insights into applications, encompassing workflows, user roles, and API data flows. It meticulously monitors user behavior for anomalies, thwarting adversary progressions across attack kill-chains preemptively. These advanced models require minimal data for training and offer built-in explainability, furnishing Security and Development teams with precise information for swift remediation.

We are thrilled to partner with TechnoBind, renowned for their tech expertise and extensive industry experience. Together, we’re poised to revolutionize threat management for enterprises with our cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging TechnoBind’s robust partner network, we’re excited to extend our reach in the Indian market, offering our unique API security platform to a broader customer base. This partnership underscores our commitment to empowering businesses with real-time API and business logic attacks mitigation and elevating application security standards,” said Puneet Tutliani, Co-Founder & CEO at AppSentinels.

TechnoBind understands the growing technology needs of its customers in the Indian and APAC regions. Constant monitoring and being in touch with OEMs, partners and resellers have helped the company understand where there is a gap in the market and formulate a plan of action to bridge that gap. TechnoBind operates as an extension of the OEMs who are looking to diversify and reach newer markets by providing them with sales, presales, marketing, sales cycles and more.

About TechnoBind
TechnoBind is the first Specialist Distributor in the Indian IT channels space, offering a hybrid distribution model placed synergistically between broad-based and niche distribution, to deliver high business value for its reseller partners. TechnoBind helps partners to implement solutions, which solve specific business pain points arising out of the rapidly changing facets of technology for businesses. The company’s sole focus has been on technologies that help the customer handle his Data and the associated challenges of Data Treatment. For more information, visit

About AppSentinels
AppSentinels is the world’s most comprehensive intelligent API Security platform that helps developers build secure APIs and helps security teams protect applications against run-time business-logic API attacks. Powered by a team of security and technology experts, it helps organizations implement pro-active API security posture and provides value to engineering as well as security teams across development and production phases. AppSentinels platform builds a deep white-box understanding of the application including various user journeys and happy paths. The platform has multiple DevOps-friendly deployment modes and form factors for easy and quick onboarding. It is deployed quickly and integrates seamlessly within existing systems to provide immediate API security and protection. To learn more, visit

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