Neelkanth Mishra appointed part-time chairperson of UIDAI, Neelesh Shah and Prof Mausam join as members

Neelkanth Mishra, Chief Economist at Axis Bank, has been appointed as part-time Chairperson of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) while Neelesh Shah, the Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Ltd, has been appointed as a part-time member of the Aadhaar agency.

Neelkanth’s appointment as the part-time chairperson of UIDAI places him in one of the government’s most prominent offices. He will also serve as a part-time member of the Economic Advisory Committee to the Prime Minister (PM-EAC) and is a member of the advisory committee of the India Semiconductor Mission, responsible for evaluating chip applications within India.

The UIDAI board consists of a chairperson, two part-time members, and the chief executive officer, who concurrently holds the position of Member-Secretary of the Authority. While Amit Agrawal, a former additional secretary at the IT Ministry, was appointed as UIDAI’s CEO in June, the other positions remained vacant. Prof Mausam, an associate professor in the computer science department at IIT Delhi, has been appointed as the remaining member.

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