Qlik unveils AI accelerator to boost AI adoption across various industries

Qlik, a leading figure in data integration, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), unveiled its newest venture, the AI Accelerator, today in Philadelphia and Bengaluru. This fresh offering aims to assist enterprises of varying technological readiness in embarking on their AI endeavors, serving as a gateway to advanced AI-powered analytics.

The effectiveness of Qlik’s AI solutions, especially when grounded in robust data infrastructure, has been demonstrable and strategically valuable across industries. For instance, Appalachian Regional Healthcare harnessed Qlik’s AI capabilities to forecast patient appointment no-shows, resulting in $6 million in savings over two years across 15 clinics through proactive patient engagement. Similarly, RevLocal bolstered customer retention by 7% in digital marketing using Qlik AutoML for predictive analysis, highlighting AI’s positive influence on business expansion. Moreover, Integra’s utilization of Qlik’s AI for lead scoring and risk assessment led to annual savings exceeding $1 million in financial services, showcasing AI’s role in enhancing operational efficiency and profitability.

James Fisher, Qlik’s Chief Strategy Officer, stressed the pivotal role of robust data management in successful AI implementations, noting a noticeable trend towards scalable AI solutions deeply intertwined with high-quality data management practices.

Additionally, Qlik’s customer Indian Oil is actively incorporating AI into its refinery operations, process optimization, and customer relationship management, as per Sukla Mistry, Director (Refineries). Qlik’s visualization tools facilitate AI insights, enriching decision-making processes and operational oversight.

The AI Accelerator, catering to both new and existing customers, presents a streamlined approach to integrating AI into existing Qlik applications, enabling businesses to experiment and learn from AI technology with minimal initial commitments. This initiative forms part of Qlik’s comprehensive suite of solutions supporting businesses across all stages of their data journey—from integration to AI-driven insights.

Furthermore, Qlik is organizing Qlik Connect in Orlando, Florida, from June 3-5, featuring a panel session with AI Council members. Early bird registration, available until May 3 with a $100 discount, offers attendees a 10% discount on the AI Accelerator service as well.


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