Startup Mahakumbh: Indian youth becoming job creators, says PM Modi

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked that India’s youth are increasingly choosing to become entrepreneurs, praising the nation’s flourishing startup ecosystem.

Addressing the Startup Mahakumbh event in New Delhi, PM Modi emphasized India’s position as home to the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem, boasting “over 100 unicorns.” He noted the remarkable growth from fewer than 100 startups in 2014 to 1.25 lakh registered startups presently, directly involving 12 lakh youth. PM Modi underscored that India’s startup culture has transcended beyond metropolitan areas, becoming ingrained in the social fabric. He remarked, “The startup culture has shattered that mindset. The youth are now opting to create jobs rather than seek them.”

PM Modi credited initiatives such as Startup India and Standup India for nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among the nation’s youth.

Highlighting the achievements, PM Modi mentioned that Indian startups are making significant strides even in cutting-edge fields like space technology. He commended the speed with which startups are launching space missions.

Moreover, PM Modi highlighted the substantial role of women in leading over 45% of Indian startups.

India will lead the world in AI capabilities, he said. “We are in a new era of AI technology, and the world acknowledges that India will have an upper hand in AI. It is now our priority to ensure that we do not let go of this opportunity.”


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