Uttar Pradesh Police to Employ Crime GPT in Criminal Investigations

India’s Uttar Pradesh Police is gearing up to leverage cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in its efforts to investigate criminal activities. Engaging in discussions with Staqu Technologies, a leading AI implementation facilitator in India, the state police force aims to introduce its latest breakthrough, Crime GPT.

The unveiling of this pioneering tool, announced on Friday (Mar 15), is slated to occur in collaboration with the UP government and the Special Task Force. Crime GPT is set to revolutionize crime investigations by swiftly analyzing data from various sources such as CCTV footage, images, and audio recordings related to criminal incidents.

Crime GPT, an innovative extension of Staqu’s Trinetra application, renowned for its precise face recognition and audio analysis capabilities in tracking and surveilling criminals, promises to empower law enforcement agencies with an expanded array of features. These features include facial recognition, speaker identification, voice analysis, and profiling criminal gangs.
The co-founder and CEO of Staqu Technologies Atul Rai, said that Crime GPT helps in tapping into a digitised criminal database that will streamline the targeted searchers, allowing law enforcement to retrieve precise information efficiently whether through written queries or voice commands.

The capabilities of this tool extend beyond conventional search functions. For instance, officers have the ability to inquire about an individual’s criminal history within a designated time frame, and Crime GPT swiftly retrieves the relevant information from its vast database.

In collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Police, Staqu has accomplished notable results, including the establishment of a digitized repository containing over 900,000 criminal records.
Prashant Kumar, Director General of Police (DGP) for Uttar Pradesh, emphasised the transformative influence of Crime GPT on law enforcement operations. He remarked, “Crime GPT’s ability to expedite information retrieval will greatly aid ongoing criminal investigations, streamlining procedural formalities and accelerating case resolutions.”


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