TPV Technology appoints Carol Anne Dias as its new Managing Director to spearhead AOC and Philips India operations

TPV Technology appoints Carol Anne Dias as its new Managing Director to spearhead AOC and Philips India operations

TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer, has appointed Carol Anne Dias as the new Managing Director tasked with leading the operations of AOC and Philips monitor divisions in India. In her strategic role, Carol will drive the monitoring business to new heights by focusing on growth and aggressively expanding into major metro cities across India.

This move is in alignment with the company’s objective to meet local market demands and ensure the availability of its innovative monitoring solutions portfolio. Carol will actively promote Philips and AOC monitors, including AOC’s sub-brand ‘AGON by AOC,’ renowned for its robust lineup of high-performance gaming monitors. She will oversee channels, retail (organized, micro-retail, and e-commerce), the network of gaming system integrators, and overall sales and marketing, leveraging key distribution channels throughout India.

With more than 22 years of experience in the technology and IT sector, Carol has demonstrated a consistent record of achieving profitability and market leadership throughout her career. Prior to her role at AOC, Carol held leadership positions at renowned organizations including Belkin International and Redington Gulf. At these companies, she played a crucial role in advancing sales and expanding market presence.

Commenting on the appointment, Kevin Wu, General Manager, APMEA, said, “We are thrilled to have Carol onboard with us to head our Indian operations. She has already played a pivotal role in accelerating the growth of our innovative state-of-the art monitor portfolio in the Middle East and Africa, thereby capturing a significant market share in the region. Carol, in her new role, will help place AOC and Philips at the center of the digital transformation and gaming monitor business in India. We are confident in her abilities to further strengthen our footprint in India. Under her able leadership, we are looking forward to changing our market strategy as a whole and also focus more on establishing our gaming monitors brand in the Indian market.”

“As the horizon of 2024 beckons, we stand primed for an era of even grander achievements. The thrust for 100Hz high-speed Thunderbolt™ 4 in B2B, along with the continued surge of high-refresh gaming monitors for B2C clientele, chart our course. We anticipate a dazzling suite of mini-LED and OLED monitors, each affirming our dedication to redefining excellence. Furthermore, as we innovate, we act with responsibility, honoring our pledge to do our part in creating a better world and reducing our carbon footprint,” added Kevin Wu.

Commenting on her new role and responsibilities, Carol Anne Dias, said, “I am glad to accept my new role to further strengthen both AOC and Philips growth plans in the Indian market. The Indian gaming market is going through a paradigm shift, which has induced a demand for high-quality and reliable gaming monitors amongst end consumers. Our aim will be to further solidify our position in the Indian market through expanding our gaming monitor portfolio and providing our customers with everything they would want”.

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